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We design great websites and all sorts of interactive products from start to finish 



We started in the dynamic City of Dubai in 2016, based in the luxury Dubai Marina District where different types of people and designers meet. From day 1, we knew that we would never stand at that point and that, in a short time, the number of our partner

companies would become large number.

Who We Are


One Site IT and Digital Solution was founded in Dubai by a young talented team. Their objective is to help business owners to be more engaged with their customers through digital technology. With the magic of digital and social media, customers need more engagement with their brands. Through creative designs and proficient photo shoots, the way to the customer becomes easy. Data cloud setup is another thing One Site is offering to its BMS customers: CCTV installation and watch from anywhere anytime through our off site CCTV solution.


Today we have 2 offices (Dubai and Baghdad) as we believe that each region has a different culture, but the business goal shall always be the same

(Product - Marketing - Sales)



Combination of co-writers, graphic designers, IT professionals and account

managers to artfully promote your Brands/ Products.


  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Blockchain Applications

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Our Partners

Nayomi Moda
Elegent flowers
Vizer fashion
Alxander clinic
One Flowers
Aqua Guard
Oxygen Perfume
Moderin Acadmey 
Sama Surge
Yaya Trading 
Bella Rose
Hayak Shopping

And many more

Rose Petals
Smart Action
Royal Armani
Magic touch 
Smart Cut
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